Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Newt out for revenge.

WTF BRO, Newt already going against your word.

Order of events:
Newt has a sketchy past and doesnt want it brought up
Newt has 0% chance at the republican nomination but runs anyway
Newt asks everyone to not bring up his or anyone else's mistakes and only attack Obama
Everyone says sure Newt, though they attack each other and ignore the guy with 0% chance
Everyone that rose, got attacked and fell, giving Newt the chance to rise
Newt Rises, and gets attacked, and falls
Now Newt is attacking the guy that everyone else fell too, Romney, that no one else really tried to attack
Newt is back to 0% chance but still running, basically just a anti-Romney campaign

Good job Newt, way to prove that a career politician is the answer this country needs. Though I agree Romney needs to be attacked, but it would be more appealing if you where actually still a contender, and not just a sore loser trying to be a spoil sport. WTF BRO? Just another example of why Americans hate politicians so much.

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